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Loyalty system

Forget about plastic cards

-The phone is always with you, unlike plastic
-Own application with unique design (for iPhone and Android)
-Integration with the current loyalty system
-7 built-in mechanics to increase repeat sales
If the client has deleted the application or changed the phone, he can always download the application again, his profile, points and history of visits will be automatically restored.

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Most of our work has helped to strengthen the authority and establish business processes of both new and long-standing companies. We give the opportunity to declare ourselves in a new way!

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Assorti Buhara


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Pharm service

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Loyalty system advantages



This is the most widespread, and not only on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, but also in the world in principle. Expressed in either a one-time or cumulative discount. As a rule, this is a discount card that gives a certain percentage discount upon purchase.



When making a purchase, the client receives a certain percentage of bonuses from the transaction amount to his account / card. You can spend them when making the next purchase (even exchange them for a free product). Bonuses can be in any form: points, stickers, rubles.



The more a person spends money in your company, the more interesting a group of clients he gets and the more interesting bonuses he gets. That is, spending more money, the client raises himself in status.



Getting some bonuses / privileges for a subscription. That is, the client pays money and as a result receives privileges. It is very easy to organize and ideal for products that are bought frequently.


When ordering a project with us, you get the following:

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Individual design

We emphasize the uniqueness of your brand with a unique design

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Safety standards

We advise on technical issues of the site, eliminate data security problems and ensure their protection at the beginning of development.

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Smooth operation

Consulting clients 24/7 and constant updates of technical systems, because team work is not limited to one

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Modern technologies

We follow modern trends in software development, using the latest technologies to automate your business processes and ideas.